The best hotels and their gardens

The best hotels and their gardens

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The hotels are our refuge when we travel or when we want just to spend sometime in a special place, they have to be as comfortable as possible in order  to make us feel better than home, for that reason, hotels make an effort to please us, shelter us, and to satisfy our needs and desires.


There is a kind of hotel for each one of us, even for each one of our moods, you can find exotic, funny, thematic, very expensive or peaceful, casino, etc., we can find very expense hotels full of luxury features or economic hotels according to our budget, the list is very long, we can choose whichever we want or need.


Paradises of Serenity


Many times we need a place where to rest and escape from stress and troubles, this modern life, with all the hi-tech advances and resources can be easier, compared with ancient times where life was rough, but we pay a price, the peace and serenity of our spirits, are harder to reach with all the typical noise of the big, glamorous and fancy cities.


We can recover our inner peace going to vacation to some hotels which have the perfect environment for relax and comfort, some hotels, according to the global tendency for nature and conservationism, have really amazing gardens inside, those gardens have a stunning beauty each one inside their own wonderful style.


The most beautiful gardens in hotels you must visit


This are some of the most beautiful hotel´s gardens around the world:


    • Bodysgallen Hall & Spa, Wales
    • Hotel Bel-Air, Los Angeles, USA
    • Villa d´Este, Lake Como, Italy
    • Mirbeau Inn & Spa, New York, USA
    • Powerscourt House & Gardens, Wicklow, Ireland
    • The Palms Hotel and Spa, Miami, USA
    • Il Salviatino, Florence, Italy
    • The American Club Resort, Wisconsin, USA

Having your own piece of Paradise


So you´re currently planning a trip to stay in one of the hotels above to enjoy the serenity, peace and beauty they offer, or maybe, you have been already there, and you want that in your own backyard, but, how to get a piece of paradise? Well with a lot of work, tons of love and finally, the advice and help from experts.

There are many landscaping companies with talented people who will help you to design, redesign, improve and optimize your garden among other features they usually offer, they can provide you with the latest technology and trend in gardening so you can have the best garden of all, adjusted to your desires, needed and budget.

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