Top 5 things you must have when traveling to Chile

Things you must carry when traveling to chile
isat March 4, 2018

Whenever we travel there is a list of things that we can not leave aside, be it a pillow, a blanket, some piece of clothing or something that just gives you luck. Maybe you are one of those people who plan and rectify everything until the last minute, but today I will give you 5 things you have to have when you travel to Chile.


  1. Cell phone and headphones


Cell phones have become part of our lives, from the phone we can take spectacular photos, make all the annotations we want, verify any information on the Internet, in short, having a phone is a must as it can be a very useful tool. Hearing aids are for those people who can not live without music. Maybe you’re not used to local music and want to listen to your own playlist without disturbing other people. Believe me, the headphones are necessary for your trip.


  1. Medicine for the stomach


Our body does not always respond well to the local food of all countries, maybe in your tongue it seems to be a very delicious meal, but your stomach may not agree. So that you do not spoil your trip, it is best to take the medicine for the stomach and enjoy your trip in the best possible way, and without wasting time in the bathroom.


  1. Spare eyeglasses


One of the main reasons to travel to Chile is to enjoy its wonderful landscapes and natural wonders, if by accident you break your glasses you will not be able to appreciate anything of the trip, and you will run the risk of injuring yourself while you do not see anything. Being in another country and without insurance it may be very expensive to get new glasses, so it is best to carry a spare. If you consider that taking spare glasses is excessive, keep a copy of your optical prescription, you can get one at your local optician.


  1. Sunblock and other creams


Chile is a tropical country where the sun is very strong and for people who have sensitive skin maybe the sun can do a lot of damage, it is very advisable to bring a cream to keep your skin always moisturized and sunscreen to prevent burning. If you are used to bringing sun in your country of origin it is better to protect yourself when you are in Chile.


  1. Universal adapter plug


It is quite uncomfortable that you plan your trip to Chile and everything is love and joy, but when you arrive you realize that none of your electrical devices can be connected anywhere in Chile because you simply do not have a universal adapter. The best thing is to buy one or two before going on a trip, nothing worse than getting to the hotel where you are going to stay and you have to start looking for a place to buy the adapter, do not waste your time unnecessarily. You also have to check the voltage of your equipment so they do not get burned or damaged as soon as you connect them in Chile.