Planning a Trip to Rusia

Planning a Trip to Russia
isat February 22, 2018

When we travel to an unknown country, the last thing we want is the country to take us by surprise with small and unfortunate unforeseen events that can completely ruin our experience. That is why the most important quality that a traveler should have is to be able to plan your trip to avoid being able to suffer any mishap.


When we talk about planning a trip to Russia, things like what to visit is the least of our problems, we have to be much more attentive to the requirements of the visa, which takes many careless travelers by surprise, in addition to the little information that It is usually about the bureaucratic processes of the country.


The Russian Visa

To begin, we must bear in mind that only a handful of countries are qualified to obtain a tourist visa to enter the country, and most of them only last around 30 days, so we must bear this in mind before planning the trip to the country.


What to declare?

One of the most contradictory things when it comes to planning your trip to Russia is to know exactly what to declare or not to declare when you arrive in the largest country in the world. In many sites you will find that you must declare any personal item valued at more than $ 1,000 USD, or if your luggage weighs more than 50kg, but in some places they place the limit on objects of $ 1,700 USD. So, if you are traveling with an expensive camera or some high-value jewelry, it is better to declare it before you see yourself in the painful obligation of paying a fine of up to 30% of the value of the object, or worse, not being able to make your own. objects of the country.


Check in

All visitors who are for more than three days in the country have to register with the Federal Migration Service, where they will give you a copy of the registration of your visa. It is very important that you have this document along with your passport and your immigration letter, otherwise you will have to pay up to $ 200 USD.


When to travel?

It doesn’t matter if you travel in winter, summer, spring or fall; Russia will always offer its visitors multiple options to enjoy. Russian winter can be considered almost magical, its white landscapes and its winter attractions make it worth the cold, although we recommend that you consider having enough warm clothes, and the best thing is that in this season the reservations They are cheaper, so you can save a little money.


Where to go?

The best places to go are the capital of Russia Moscow or the so-called “northern capital” St. Petersburg that offer magnificent palaces and splendid theaters. You can also get caught by the wild side of Russia and visit Lake Baikal or its extensive forests, there are endless opportunities.


How long can it take to obtain a Russian visa?

It is best to be informed of the latest changes and requirements for Russian visas, as these are constantly changing. If you start planning a trip to Russia, it is best to calculate around 2 months to get your visa, this will give you a maneuverability time that will prevent you from having a last minute mishap.