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Asian Culture: The clothing

Asian Culture: The clothing
isat September 25, 2018

The Asian culture, wide different from ours, is very rich, with many awesome elements and aspects we love to  discover. We feel curiosity each time we see an Asian person performing one of their rituals or using their traditional clothes, we find it out fascinating and the unknown is equal to mysterious.


Asian clothing

Each culture in the world has its own fashion parameters, even if there are a tow truck near me, and they have developed a clothing style of their own that has been used for centuries, clothing styles adapted to the needs and materials available in each region and/or country, but since western civilization started the contact with eastern world, globalization began.

Nowadays, Asians use western clothes almost all the time, but people still wearing their traditional clothes in special occasions, events and traditional and religious rites, some places like the most strict Muslim countries, women use traditional garbs called hijab.


Southeast Asia

Many places of this region has similar customs regarding clothes, they mostly use clothes made of cotton and light garbs for common occasions and silk and very bright and decorated clothes for special moments, they use varied forms of sarong, some places like Brunei, which is an Islamic country, are strict with women’s clothes, but even if they must cover all their bodies and head, they use bright and rich colors in occasions like weddings for example.

In Cambodia they used a kind of pants named sampot, which have variations, a blouse called Av Dai Puon, and the traditional Khmer scarf. In Laos they use a long skirt named sinh, a long and narrow piece of silk named pha biang, and a blouse called suea pat. In Malaysia they use a tunic and trousers called Baju melayu and a kind of sarong named sampin. In Philippines they use Barong Tagalog. Vietnamese national costume is the Áo dài. In Thailand the women’s national costume is named the Chakri. It is made up of Thai silk, and men’s national costume is known as sue phraratchatan.


East Asia

In Japan people uses kimonos for traditional occasions such as rites and festivals, they also use it when practice martials arts like karate, and in western countries, everyone who practice that style of martial art must use a kimono. Cheongsham is the most popular traditional costume in China, it is a body-hugging one-piece Chinese dress for women. It is known in as the qípáo in Mandarin Chinese, changshan is the male equivalent of the women’s cheongsam, it is also known as a changpao.

Hanbok (South Korea) or Chosŏn-ot (North Korea) is the traditional Korean dress. It is often characterized by vibrant colors and simple lines.  A deel is an item of traditional clothing commonly worn since centuries ago among the Mongols. Shalwar kameez and Sari are traditional clothing for Indian women. It is a 6-meter cloth that is wrapped to form a skirt and draped over the shoulder, Dhoti Kurta is  for men.

The best hotels and their gardens

The best hotels and their gardens
isat March 18, 2018

The hotels are our refuge when we travel or when we want just to spend sometime in a special place, they have to be as comfortable as possible in order  to make us feel better than home, for that reason, hotels make an effort to please us, shelter us, and to satisfy our needs and desires.


There is a kind of hotel for each one of us, even for each one of our moods, you can find exotic, funny, thematic, very expensive or peaceful, casino, etc., we can find very expense hotels full of luxury features or economic hotels according to our budget, the list is very long, we can choose whichever we want or need.


Paradises of Serenity


Many times we need a place where to rest and escape from stress and troubles, this modern life, with all the hi-tech advances and resources can be easier, compared with ancient times where life was rough, but we pay a price, the peace and serenity of our spirits, are harder to reach with all the typical noise of the big, glamorous and fancy cities.


We can recover our inner peace going to vacation to some hotels which have the perfect environment for relax and comfort, some hotels, according to the global tendency for nature and conservationism, have really amazing gardens inside, those gardens have a stunning beauty each one inside their own wonderful style.


The most beautiful gardens in hotels you must visit


This are some of the most beautiful hotel´s gardens around the world:


    • Bodysgallen Hall & Spa, Wales
    • Hotel Bel-Air, Los Angeles, USA
    • Villa d´Este, Lake Como, Italy
    • Mirbeau Inn & Spa, New York, USA
    • Powerscourt House & Gardens, Wicklow, Ireland
    • The Palms Hotel and Spa, Miami, USA
    • Il Salviatino, Florence, Italy
    • The American Club Resort, Wisconsin, USA

Having your own piece of Paradise


So you´re currently planning a trip to stay in one of the hotels above to enjoy the serenity, peace and beauty they offer, or maybe, you have been already there, and you want that in your own backyard, but, how to get a piece of paradise? Well with a lot of work, tons of love and finally, the advice and help from experts.

There are many landscaping companies with talented people who will help you to design, redesign, improve and optimize your garden among other features they usually offer, they can provide you with the latest technology and trend in gardening so you can have the best garden of all, adjusted to your desires, needed and budget.

Florida’s top attractions

Florida Attractions Everglades
isat March 11, 2018

Being one of the most visited tourist states of the United States is an achievement that Florida has earned with its innumerable attractions offered to the millions of tourists who dare to visit it every year. We will name what we consider the best attractions of all:


Walt Disney World Resort


It’s impossible to talk about Florida vacations without mentioning the Walt Disney World Resort, located in Orlando that has everything you need in one place. Peak of the most visited vacation resorts. Many theme hotels, four theme parks, two water parks, a camping resort and many other entertainment venues.


Universal Studios


Very close to the Walt Disney World Resort, only that its parks are much more full of adrenaline and excitement that welcome all the adults and children who dare to visit it. Their parks are so large that it is advisable to buy multiple-day packages to enjoy as much as possible in two, three or four days.


Busch Gardens


We continue with the theme parks, only that this theme park is wilder and offers more than 2,700 animals such as elephants, hyenas, big cats, hippos, kangaroos and many other wild animals you can see in Tampa Florida, without having to go to the other side of the world to see them. That’s not all, it also has a great water park, the Adventure Island, which has incredible attractions.




An excellent national park for all those who like nature, local birds, and the famous Florida crocodiles. This park is so rich in ecosystems that can be found from crocodiles, alligators, hawks and even turtles, it also offers rest areas, and numerous activities such as hiking, bird watching, outdoor camping, airboat and canoe trips , an adventure if you like nature in a more relaxed and just as exciting way.


key West


This picturesque town, located in the south of Florida, offers spectacular and crystalline beaches where you can practice snorkeling, to appreciate the beauty of its reefs. You can also see the island of Cuba with the naked eye. It is a town that also offers good bars and excellent drinks.


San Agustin


Also known as the Old City, where it was claimed in 1513 as Spanish territory, which was then handed over to the British, only to return to Spain and finally ceded to the United States of America. It has a very interesting history and colonial architecture to see, Fort Matanzas, Hotel Ponce de León and Castillo de San Marcos stand out. If ancient architecture catches your attention, this is a must-see destination in Florida.

Top 5 things you must have when traveling to Chile

Things you must carry when traveling to chile
isat March 4, 2018

Whenever we travel there is a list of things that we can not leave aside, be it a pillow, a blanket, some piece of clothing or something that just gives you luck. Maybe you are one of those people who plan and rectify everything until the last minute, but today I will give you 5 things you have to have when you travel to Chile.


  1. Cell phone and headphones


Cell phones have become part of our lives, from the phone we can take spectacular photos, make all the annotations we want, verify any information on the Internet, in short, having a phone is a must as it can be a very useful tool. Hearing aids are for those people who can not live without music. Maybe you’re not used to local music and want to listen to your own playlist without disturbing other people. Believe me, the headphones are necessary for your trip.


  1. Medicine for the stomach


Our body does not always respond well to the local food of all countries, maybe in your tongue it seems to be a very delicious meal, but your stomach may not agree. So that you do not spoil your trip, it is best to take the medicine for the stomach and enjoy your trip in the best possible way, and without wasting time in the bathroom.


  1. Spare eyeglasses


One of the main reasons to travel to Chile is to enjoy its wonderful landscapes and natural wonders, if by accident you break your glasses you will not be able to appreciate anything of the trip, and you will run the risk of injuring yourself while you do not see anything. Being in another country and without insurance it may be very expensive to get new glasses, so it is best to carry a spare. If you consider that taking spare glasses is excessive, keep a copy of your optical prescription, you can get one at your local optician.


  1. Sunblock and other creams


Chile is a tropical country where the sun is very strong and for people who have sensitive skin maybe the sun can do a lot of damage, it is very advisable to bring a cream to keep your skin always moisturized and sunscreen to prevent burning. If you are used to bringing sun in your country of origin it is better to protect yourself when you are in Chile.


  1. Universal adapter plug


It is quite uncomfortable that you plan your trip to Chile and everything is love and joy, but when you arrive you realize that none of your electrical devices can be connected anywhere in Chile because you simply do not have a universal adapter. The best thing is to buy one or two before going on a trip, nothing worse than getting to the hotel where you are going to stay and you have to start looking for a place to buy the adapter, do not waste your time unnecessarily. You also have to check the voltage of your equipment so they do not get burned or damaged as soon as you connect them in Chile.

Planning a Trip to Rusia

Planning a Trip to Russia
isat February 22, 2018

When we travel to an unknown country, the last thing we want is the country to take us by surprise with small and unfortunate unforeseen events that can completely ruin our experience. That is why the most important quality that a traveler should have is to be able to plan your trip to avoid being able to suffer any mishap.


When we talk about planning a trip to Russia, things like what to visit is the least of our problems, we have to be much more attentive to the requirements of the visa, which takes many careless travelers by surprise, in addition to the little information that It is usually about the bureaucratic processes of the country.


The Russian Visa

To begin, we must bear in mind that only a handful of countries are qualified to obtain a tourist visa to enter the country, and most of them only last around 30 days, so we must bear this in mind before planning the trip to the country.


What to declare?

One of the most contradictory things when it comes to planning your trip to Russia is to know exactly what to declare or not to declare when you arrive in the largest country in the world. In many sites you will find that you must declare any personal item valued at more than $ 1,000 USD, or if your luggage weighs more than 50kg, but in some places they place the limit on objects of $ 1,700 USD. So, if you are traveling with an expensive camera or some high-value jewelry, it is better to declare it before you see yourself in the painful obligation of paying a fine of up to 30% of the value of the object, or worse, not being able to make your own. objects of the country.


Check in

All visitors who are for more than three days in the country have to register with the Federal Migration Service, where they will give you a copy of the registration of your visa. It is very important that you have this document along with your passport and your immigration letter, otherwise you will have to pay up to $ 200 USD.


When to travel?

It doesn’t matter if you travel in winter, summer, spring or fall; Russia will always offer its visitors multiple options to enjoy. Russian winter can be considered almost magical, its white landscapes and its winter attractions make it worth the cold, although we recommend that you consider having enough warm clothes, and the best thing is that in this season the reservations They are cheaper, so you can save a little money.


Where to go?

The best places to go are the capital of Russia Moscow or the so-called “northern capital” St. Petersburg that offer magnificent palaces and splendid theaters. You can also get caught by the wild side of Russia and visit Lake Baikal or its extensive forests, there are endless opportunities.


How long can it take to obtain a Russian visa?

It is best to be informed of the latest changes and requirements for Russian visas, as these are constantly changing. If you start planning a trip to Russia, it is best to calculate around 2 months to get your visa, this will give you a maneuverability time that will prevent you from having a last minute mishap.

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